1. Excellent A.C. digital Library, A.C. Smart Class room with A.C. Lab facilities and OPEC system and INFLIBNET library resource.
2. Spacious well furnished reading room under the control of CCTV and resourceful library.
3. Very well equipped A.C. Geography Department and Laboratories.
4. Ample scope of sports and games with a ladies' gymnasium as well as 'Yoga Centre'.
5. Adequate supply of purified and cold drinking water for students and staff. (five BLUSTAR WATER COOLER & five Aqua Guard water filter).
6. Ramps for physically challenged person's in-front of the College building.
7. Whole College is covered by 23 (twenty three) CCTV's for security & smoothly run the administrative work.
8. The College installed 22 (twenty two) A.C. machines viz, two for Principal's room, four for teachers room, two for office room, two for Geography department, one for Geography lab and smart class room, seven for Seminar and conference room, two for library room, one for IQAC & Meeting room and one for NSS & Alumni Association room.
9. Installed three Generators viz, one 35 KV, one 25 KV and another is 6 KV.
10. Women's' Hostel is completed by the UGCs' financial assistance.
11. Installed 18 Fire Extinguishers to protect the College from fire issues (accidents).
12. Deposited amounting to Rs. 75 lac for constructing the new 4-storied building at PWD office, Barasat, North 24 Parganas, the PWD is arranging the soil testing in the college campus.
13. Going to register 3 (three) Bighas of land for second campus at Kirtipur, North 24 Parganas.

IT Infrastructure

1. Number of computers with configuration (provide actual number with exact configuration of each available system) : 39 ( 1 8GB RAM , 10 with 2GH/processor, 1GB RAM.. 10 with 2GH/Processor 1GB RAM, 18 with 2GH/Processor).
2. Computer – student ratio: 1 : 30.
3. Stand alone facility: All the computers are having stand alone facility.
4. LAN facility. The computers of the office, Accounts section, Bursar office, Library, Cash section have been connected to the Principal's computer through LAN.
5. Wi-Fi facility: The College has Wi-Fi facility in the Principal's room, Bursar's room, Accountant room, Office room, all the teachers' room, Geography department, Smart class room, and Seminar-cum-conference Hall and Library room.
6. Licensed Software: most of the important computers of the College use licensed Software.
7. Number of nodes/Computers with Internet facility: 35.